Flash Programming & Coding in Production

Flash programming and coding of ECUs in vehicle production is necessary both inside (“in-line”) and outside (“off-line”) the vehicle. In production, the challenge is to quickly distribute flash and coding data to many ECUs via parallel vehicle busses. In addition, the high variance of the vehicles requires a vehicle- and equipment-related implementation.

In-line flash programming

  • via OBD interface

Off-line flash programming

  • in special flash stations
  • Multi-flashing / parallel programming of different ECUs

In the field and in the workshop

  • by way of standard diagnostic tools
  • by way of Vehicle Connectivity Gateway “over the air“ (OTA / FOTA)

Whether in-line or off-line flash programming—we offer the suitable flash tool for each application area and customized software which quickly and reliably handles required data logistics while taking into account the differences in the individual vehicle types.

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