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The charging station LS3 for our Multi-Function Tester MFT-4 and Intelligent Current Probes ICP-3 is used to store the devices and to charge the batteries.

Function and application:

  • Storage for one to three DSA Multi-Function Testers MFT-4 and for charging MFT batteries outside the test area
  • Storage and for charging of one to three Intelligent Current Probes ICP-3
  • Data supply via LAN

The charging stations are also available as single or multiple combinable charging stations for the MFT and the ICP-3.

The LS3 can be equipped with an optional integrated network switch to transfer large volumes of data to the MFT via Ethernet.


  • Safe storage of devices outside the test area
  • Controlling battery charge
  • Transfer of large volumes of data to the MFT-4

Equipped for Multi-Function Testers MFT-4 the LS3 consists of a base board with rubber footing, one, two, or three MFT charging racks and a power supply. The double and triple type come with a power supply that has an additional heat sink attached to the casing. In the configuration for ICP-3 instead of MFT charging racks the corresponding charging blocks are installed on the LS3 base board.

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