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One diagnostic interface for diagnosing current and upcoming vehicle E/E architectures

The ASAM SOVD (Service-Oriented Vehicle Diagnostics) standard specifies an API for diagnosing vehicles remotely and in the workshop. It is a versatile standard that enables consistent access to the diagnostic content of HPCs (High Performance Computing Units) and their related applications, as well as traditional ECUs. SOVD allows for full remote diagnostic access to the vehicle, enabling features like OTA, feature-on-demand, and remote support and repair.

Commercial Vehicles

As a founding member of the ASAM SOVD standard, DSA offers, with PRODIS.SOVD, a fully SOVD-compliant server.




As a founding member of the ASAM SOVD standard, DSA offers, with PRODIS.SOVD, a fully SOVD-compliant server.

As a founding member of the ASAM SOVD standard, DSA offers, with PRODIS.SOVD, a fully SOVD-compliant server.


  • One interface covering all diagnostic requirements pertaining to production, aftersales, lifecycle, and fleet management
  • Cloud bridge for accessing vehicles without exposing them to the public internet
  • Diagnostic for classic ECUs driven by ODX data using PRODIS.MCD
  • Advanced features for diagnosing HPCs like time-based monitoring
  • Integrated OTA solution based on the Uptane standard
  • Maximum flexibility in integration thanks to platform independence
  • Low footprint for deployment on more restrained HPCs
  • HTTP/2 based communication for high performance access to SOVD server

Diagnostics of HPCs and ECUs

PRODIS.SOVD utilizes the production-proven PRODIS.MCD and ODX data for diagnosing classic ECUs. For HPCs, a default implementation is used for accessing KPIs of a Linux system, managing processes, and accessing logs. With OEM specific plugins all aspects of an HPC can be diagnosed. Critical functions are protected by user rights. In addition, historical information of the KPIs is stored to correlate failures of the system found in logs, etc.


Remote Diagnostics

The SOVD standard introduces innovative remote workshop-level diagnostics for an OEM’s vehicle fleet. As a secure connection, PRODIS.SOVD provides a cloud bridge for vehicle discovery, providing transparent remote SOVD access to the vehicle while avoiding direct exposure to the internet.

OTA Updates

PRODIS.SOVD combines DSA’s software update solution (based on the Uptane standard) with the lifecycle management solution, PRODIS.LCM, enabling OEMs to implement a fully UN ECE SUMS-compliant OTA solution. What's more, PRODIS.SOVD can also be integrated with existing OTA solutions.

One Diagnostic Interface

PRODIS.SOVD builds on the SOVD standard, consolidating all diagnostic solution implementation requirements into a single, comprehensive interface.




Key features

Platform Independence

PRODIS.SOVD supports any POSIX compliant platform (e.g., Linux and QNX). Port to other platforms has to be evaluated upon request.

Supported CAN Protocols

For CAN-based ECU diagnostics is done using ODX and DSA’s production and in-vehicle proven PRODIS.MCD kernel. Thus, ECUs with UDS, KW2000, ISOBUS, and K-Line protocol are supported.


Low memory footprint to support more resource constrained HPCs.

Custom Integrations

Custom integration for connection to CAN bus and existing OTA solution.

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