Flash Programming & Coding in After-sales

In after-sales, e.g. in the workshop, ECUs are reprogrammed (flashing) and coded to fix errors and provide additional functions. Usually, this requires an online connection via which the flash and coding data are securely distributed to the workshop systems. The definition of the flash and coding data is done via the Life Cycle Management solution.

Flashen und Codieren

DSA provides a platform for the worldwide supply of workshop systems with flash and coding data. The flash and coding data are defined via PRODIS.Share in the Life Cycle Management System including their dependencies. The necessary flash sequences can be created in the authoring system PRODIS.Authoring. As part of the after-sales solution, standardized flash processes are additionally available in the system. The flash sequences are executed via the runtime system PRODIS.WTS.

In addition, our Vehicle Connectivity Gateway (VCG) allows to remotely update the ECU firmware via Firmware Update Over-The-Air (FOTA).

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