Mobile Diagnostics Interface MDI-G4

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The Mobile Diagnostic Interface MDI-G4 is specifically designed to meet the needs of the aftermarket. A built-in multiplexer allows the ECU communication with vehicles of different OBD assignments.

Description of the MDI-G4

The MDI-G4 establishes a wireless connection between the on-board network of the vehicle and an externally running diagnostic application. The connection can also be wired via Ethernet / USB.
The integrated battery enables a continuous execution of the diagnostic application, even if the power supply is interrupted for a short time or when changing the vehicle.
Configuration of the MDI-G4 is done via USB or Ethernet.

Commercial Vehicles

Servicing machines in the field with different diagnostic connectors is made easier with the integrated multiplexer and the large number of supported diagnostic protocols.

The different connection capabilities simplify deployment to the Workshops, as both Wireless and Wired connections are available.

Ideal for Workshop Operations, where multiple platforms with different connectors are serviced by the same workshop.


  • Parallel diagnostic processes with arbitrary combination of protocols and bus systems
  • MVCI-compliant
  • Prepared for CAN-FD
  • Convenient configuration via web frontend
  • Full integration into our PRODIS tool suite
  • Particularly robust housing for workshop use according to IP54
  • Easy handling


  • Integrated Multiplexer
    Only one cable for most OBD combinations needed.
  • Robust Cable Cover
    All connectors are protected from unplugging by the cover.

Options and Accessories

  • Battery
    Li polymer batteries for power supply at vehicle changes
  • Configuration of the MDI-G4 is done via USB or Ethernet.

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