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Integrated in vehicles from various manufacturers and connected to different portals, the DSA VCG-2 provides a wide range of diagnostic and telemetry information via mobile online connection.

The telematics and diagnostics unit VCG-2 (Vehicle Connectivity Gateway) proves to be a true all-rounder among the telematics units. The Microsoft Azure certified device establishes a connection between the vehicle and different web portals. Via portal, the status information of the vehicle can be retrieved and vehicle actions can be triggered remotely.

Commercial Vehicles
  • Recording, processing and provision of ISOBUS data
  • Vehicle location based on GPS data
  • Use as remote VCI for access for Diagnostic communication
  • Remote diagnostics and flash programming for preventive maintenance
  • Reliable theft protection by detecting movements via an internal acceleration sensor
  • Vehicle tracking based on GPS data for efficient fleet dispatching and status monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics and flash programming for preventive maintenance
  • Use as remote VCI for access for diagnostic communication
  • Temperature monitoring according to DIN EN 12830 for food transports
  • Integrated high-performance battery for reliable theft protection
  • Remote door control for reliable protection of valuable goods
  • Transmission of EBS data for operational safety and service, alarms when defined thresholds are reached
  • Determination of coupling status via connection of the electronic braking system (EBS)
  • Integrated TPMS receiver for reading tire pressures


  • Cyclic transmission of GPS position to various portals for efficient vehicle dispatching
  • Readout of relevant vehicle data via WLAN connection
  • Recording of machine status enables remote monitoring and preventive maintenance
  • Easy firmware update remotely via Firmware Update Over-the-Air (FOTA)
  • An integrated rechargeable battery ensures transmission of position and status even when the power supply is switched off.
  • An internal accelerometer detects motion and provides theft protection.
  • A provided development environment with a modular, app-based software architecture enables the creation of own device applications.

Communication mechanisms

The VCG-2 comes with the following communication mechanisms:

  • LTE Internet connection to the portal
  • GPS/GLONASS satellite position detection
  • WLAN and Bluetooth LE for local diagnostics & additional functions
  • One-Wire, RS232, digital and analog inputs for communication with sensors/signal transmitters
  • CAN and Ethernet for communication with controllers and diagnostics
  • ISM receiver for 315 / 433 MHz, e.g. for direct connection of tire pressure sensors.

The VCG-2 is a fully featured VCI with ISOBUS capable D-PDU API interface (PRODIS.PDU) as well as PassThru functionality. External devices can be connected via RS232 and Ethernet and use the VCG-2 as a telemetry unit. In addition, connectivity to various portals, such as Microsoft Azure-based platforms, is possible. DSA provides trailer, agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers with a development environment that enables them to develop their own applications or applications for the VCG-2.

More features

  • Easy firmware update of VCG-2 and ECUs remotely via Firmware Update Over-the-Air (FOTA)
  • Highly ruggedized hardware and battery technology

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