DSA is Part of the Research Project AUTOtech.agil

Architecture and Technologies for Orchestrating Automotive Agility

The use of electronics and software in vehicles accelerates innovations and thus the development of tomorrow's mobility. With the aim of helping to shape the transformation of road transportation, DSA is working on the development of a new mobility system of the future as part of the AUTOtech.agil project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The project is managed by the Institute for Automotive Engineering (Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge, ika) at RWTH Aachen University.

AUTOtech.agil stands for "Architecture and Technologies for Orchestrating Automotive Agility". The project pursues the development of an open software and electrical/electronic architecture with the related tools and methods. The special focus is on the standardisation of interfaces and on modularisation.  The aim is to ensure the easy enhancement and expansion of all necessary software and hardware elements from a modular system, especially during the vehicle's in-use phase.

Within the entire vehicle architecture, there are many interfaces in both the hardware and the software. Together with the other participants in the project from research and industry, DSA is focusing on the online updateability and diagnosis of the entire system. In particular, the introduction of a new software architecture brings new challenges for diagnostics for which the automotive industry does not have any solutions at present.

The aim is to create an open development platform that, among other things, enables learning networked traffic intelligence for the future of mobility. AUTOtech.agil focuses on the entire transport system, including infrastructure-based sensor technology and cooperative concepts with control rooms and clouds. Shorter innovation cycles and continuous updates in the product life cycle will create an important building block for future mobility systems.

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