Social Responsibility

As a company, we are part of the community- globally and regionally. This results in a social and ecological responsibility of which we are well aware.

We strictly comply with all relevant laws and standards. This allows us to contribute to peaceful and appreciative coexistence. Through these efforts, we will succeed in securing our business success around the world

We want to make mobility even more sustainable, safe and efficient. For us, sustainability means assessing corporate decisions and activities from an economic, technological, social and ecological perspective.

Social Responsibility

Our values


We support one another and treat each other friendly and kindly.


We acknowledge the different skills and personalities of our employees and respect different opinions and approaches.

Focus on solutions

We always work customer-oriented and act with pragmatism, flexibility and target orientation.


We make decisions in a transparent, fair and comprehensible way.


We cultivate an appreciative, respectful and at the same time straightforward interaction with each other.


We pursue our goals with passion, this is the basis for our success.

Lived responsibility

Environment, health and safety

We are committed to environmental, health and safety excellence in all areas of activity - both to fulfil our social responsibility and to increase the shareholder value. In our business planning, we always take into account the effects on the environment, health and safety.

In the production and distribution of our products and services, we strive for responsible use and procurement of natural resources.
We ensure a healthy and risk-free working environment for our employees by complying with laws and regulations on health and safety at work.
Our employees are aware of the environmental, health and safety implications of our business and comply with the legal regulations that relate to this.

Integrity and incorruptibility

We condemn all forms of corruption and bribery, whether of public officials or in business dealings.

Donations may only be accepted or granted if they serve a legitimate business purpose and are not accepted or granted in return for an unlawful advantage. The gift must not have an unreasonably high value and must not disproportionately exceed the limits of customary business practice or the normal standard of living of the recipient. Benefits to public officials must be avoided.

Trust, respect, diversity

DSA appreciates and supports the diversity of its employees. We motivate our employees to participate in the creation of a working environment that fosters diversity.
We treat each other with respect and trust and ensure a working environment that is free of discrimination. Every individual has the right to fair, dignified and respectful treatment. We are committed to equal opportunities and promote a work environment that is characterized by respect and tolerance. We do not tolerate harassment, bullying and intimidation.

We take staff-related decisions free of any discrimination. We do not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour towards employees or applicants on the basis of ethnic origin, nationality, gender, pregnancy or parenthood, marital status, age, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation or any other reason.

Fair working conditions

We respect the dignity and personal rights of our employees and third parties with whom we have business relations.

We respect the rights to freedom of association and collective negotiations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We reject forced and child labour and any form of exploitation or discrimination and ensure strict compliance with the relevant laws.

We comply with the legal regulations to ensure fair working conditions, including those relating to pay, working hours and protection of privacy.


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