Scheduling System Dispatch IIPlus


Dispatch IIplus enables airport refueling contractors to optimize their workflow and use their personnel and vehicles more efficiently.

With Dispatch IIplus operators can manage and edit the master data and flight schedules that are required for effective resource management.

Based on the provided information, Dispatch IIplus generates a daily flight schedule that is continuously updated with the latest information from the airport information system (AIS) and the airline systems. The input of this data is logged and can thus be traced.

All relevant data regarding the time of refueling and general supply information is automatically recorded separately for each order and stored for further processing.

The stock figures are automatically adjusted based on the generated supply data. The information available in the system is also used for the generation of invoices and statements that are then prepared for dispatch by e-mail and sent to the various business partners.


  • Resource management and accounting system in one package
  • Simple and fast export function for all important refuelling and flight data
  • Data exchange between different IT systems
  • Automatic dispatch with "Self-Dispatch"
  • Plausibility check for pump attendant, vehicle, airplane, parking position, etc. upon dispatch of refueling orders

Further Highlights

  • Shift planning with automatic generation of daily rosters
  • Easy entry/locking of flights
  • Statistical analyses of refueling volumes and times
  • Storage of all order-relevant times and dates with fast query option
  • Definition of different user authorization levels
  • User-friendly intuitive operation
  • Clear program structure allowing for fast and efficient operation after minimum training
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