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As a part module of BetoSys, BetoVis is a powerful sales tool for efficient customer relationship management, customer acquisition and tendering as well as order confirmation.

The sales information system is tailored to the handling of large or long-term projects where detailed planning is a priority. At an early stage, you can transfer all necessary data into a database for interested parties and track this information with follow-ups, schedule agreements and calendar entries.

Once you have acquired a customer, you can use BetoVis to prepare all price agreements at the customer or construction site level. If you wish, you can obtain an overview of all existing orders with just a few clicks, enabling you to quickly provide price information or make forecasts and predictions on future deliveries of goods.

BetoVis includes all net or list prices stored in the system in the data preparation. Discounts can be calculated in absolute or percentage terms. The data processing system can define and integrate discounts per area or plant down to daily prices


  • Integrated text processing
  • Versatile tender layouts
  • Scheduling of follow-up, submission and contract data
  • Contact management
  • Integrated module for queries by construction site, customer, project, offer, etc.
  • Reporting tool for specific queries
  • Data export to Microsoft standard applications


  • Sales of ready-mix concrete, mortar, bulk materials and pumps
  • Billing data input
  • Generation of tenders and order confirmations
  • Calculation of sales prices and quantity discounts
  • Specific payments terms for customers and construction sites
  • Wholesaler, customer and project tracking
  • Credit warning system
  • Market observation

Parent System

  • Integrated Solution for Concrete and Construction Material Industries BetoSys

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