Presentation of Circuit Diagrams

The ever more complex vehicle electronics require tools that effectively support the workshop staff in error analysis. The DSA schematics generator can be used to create equipment-specific circuit diagrams from the vehicle manufacturer's netlists. The integration into PRODIS.WTS enables a particularly time-saving use.

Flashen und Codieren

PRODIS.WTS allows the display of vehicle-specific, application-oriented or rather error case-reduced circuit diagrams that are relevant for specific situations during vehicle diagnostics.

To analyze the error code (DTC) read from a control unit, a detailed mapping of the corresponding component is required. By selecting an error code, the user gets directly to the circuit diagram of the affected components.

In addition, the user gets useful tooltips with accurate information and photos about components, pins and cables. Besides zooming in and out through the schematics, the schematic can be extended and searched from a single component to the vehicle's overall circuit diagram.

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