Speeding up communication: Latest multifunction tester MFT-3 supports 2xCAN-FD

Since the two DSA diagnostic devices WDI-2 and MFT-3 already support the fast communication standard CAN Flexible Datarate (CAN-FD), the next major upgrade in terms of speeding up diagnostic communication has been launched. From now on, the multifunction tester MFT-3 featuring multiple CAN-FD and a new vehicle communication interface (VCI) is available.

The MFT-3 is the all-rounder for diagnosis, parameterization and programming of electronic control units in vehicle production. Thanks to the fast Wi-Fi connection and the powerful battery, the device is optimized for mobile use at any location.

In addition, the MFT-3 features an intelligent arrangement of the CAN-FD interfaces in an FPGA with integrated buffers for transmitting and receiving data. In combination with a fast processor interface, this ensures enormous communication transfer rates.

Both CAN-FD lines are able to operate at a maximum speed of 5 Mbps each. The complete system is capable to continuously receive or transmit CAN-FD frames "in one block", i.e. without any interframe times. This capability enables the MFT-3 in combination with the new VCI2 to operate two CAN-FD buses full-speed with 100% bus load.

The CAN terminating resistors are still configurable via software. As a result, the MFT-3 can be used flexibly in various application scenarios. Time-consuming configuration updates are completely obsolete. Flexibility also means that the MFT-3 continues to support several classic CAN - up to four lines, depending on the equipment variant.

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