Simple visualization of complex electronic systems for reduced repair times in aftersales

The growing complexity of electronics in modern vehicles has an impact on after-sales service. It becomes increasingly significant when it comes to troubleshooting. In modern vehicles, complex electronics play an increasingly important role in troubleshooting. For workshops, working with (document-based) static schematic diagrams is not only time-consuming, but also cost-intensive.

With PRODIS.Schematics, DSA has developed a new concept for illustrating electronic circuit diagrams. This provides vehicle manufacturers with a solution that easily visualizes complex circuit diagrams while meeting the needs of service technicians in workshops. The intelligent and dynamic visualization technology reduces complex electronic schematics to a condensed view. As the schematic diagrams are generated for each vehicle specifically, they show the components and signals installed in the respective vehicle only. An interactive display allows searching via a search engine, so that only relevant information appears and the respective components in the schematic diagrams can be found quickly. Users can expand the diagrams as needed. Because they only see what is relevant to the task at hand, they get a swift overview and quickly find the cause of the error. This means a significant reduction in repair times. Additional tooltips at key points help technicians to find the right cable or component in the vehicle. Furthermore, there is information on the part number for ordering spare parts.

PRODIS.Schematics is available in different versions depending on the customer's needs. As a web portal solution, the visualization of the schematics is browser-based and can be accessed without installation on PC or tablet. As a stand-alone variant, the application can be integrated into PRODIS.WTS. This allows to open the relevant components directly from the generic applications (error memory reading, monitoring, and actuator test) into a diagram. The internationalization of the displayed texts is handled as usual via the authoring tool PRODIS.Authoring.

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