New telematics unit XCG with integrated tyre pressure monitoring system and full diagnostic interface

With the Next Vehicle Connectivity Gateway XCG, DSA is expanding its portfolio with a powerful telematics unit with a full diagnostic interface. The unit is developed for use in trailers, construction, and agricultural machinery as well as commercial vehicles.

Standard tyre pressure monitoring for optimized operation

From mid-2024, in accordance with UN ECE R 141, all newly registered trailers need to be equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). With the standard functionality to monitor tyre pressure sensors of different brands, the new telematics unit XCG not only complies with this regulation, but also provides fleet operators with numerous other advantages.

The installation of the XCG eliminates the need for an additional system for tyre pressure monitoring. By mixing different tyres and sensors, fleet managers can optimise the use of all tyres in the fleet. The system monitors the pressure and temperature of the tyres. In the event of a drop in tyre pressure, it sends a warning to the driver in the cab. This provides enough time for action to prevent risks to traffic and to avoid accidents. What's more, an optimal tyre pressure helps to reduce fuel consumption and increases the service life of the tyres.

Efficient fleet management and remote diagnosis

The XCG connects the vehicle to different fleet management portals. The position as well as information of the brake system and the cooling units are transmitted transparently and in real time. In this way, the dispatchers can call up status information at any time and trigger actions in the vehicle remotely.

As a leading global provider of diagnostic solutions, DSA has integrated the most important diagnostic applications into the XCG. Actions such as coding, flashing, calibration, and DTC determination can be performed over-the-air, reducing time-consuming visits to the dealer workshop.

Modular platform for individual applications

With an open, modular operating system, the XCG provides an ideal platform for customised applications. DSA provides its customers with a development environment. This allows vehicle manufacturers to develop their own applications and use them in their vehicle fleets.

For more information, see the XCG product page.

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