Societal Commitment

As a company, we see it as our responsibility to support social and community involvement and promote sustainable developments beyond our actual business activities. Our objectives in this regard are to strengthen social cohesion, maintain regional competitiveness and support important educational and research activities.

In pursuing this vision, we are committed to promoting social, medical and scientific institutions and research activities. Together with the DSA Schäfer-Schulz Foundation, we support projects to preserve cultural heritage and strengthen the idea of European community.

DSA Schäfer-Schulz Foundation

The DSA Schäfer-Schulz Foundation has an exclusively non-profit and charitable purpose. The aim of the foundation is to promote science and research, especially in the MINT subjects of mathematics, computer science, natural science and technology at the technology location of Aachen.
Another focus is on the promotion and improvement of school education and vocational training in the aforementioned subjects. In addition, the foundation works to ensure that research results are implemented and applied in practice.
Supported institutions:

Supported institutions:

  • Manfred Nagl Award
  • International Foundation for the Charlemagne Prize
  • Aachen City Hall Foundation

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