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Our Virtual ECU for Remote and Workshop Diagnostics implements all diagnostics capabilities required for a connected vehicle as a single software solution.

The solution includes the following features:

  • Firmware- & Coding-over-the-Air: All ECUs can be flashed and coded/parameterized based on traditional (e.g. UDS & KWP2000) as well as proprietary protocols (e.g. to handle the large data volume for infotainment system). Besides that, additional setup procedures implemented in OTX can be performed.
  • Remote Diagnostics: The support desk can execute diagnostic procedures defined in OTX on the vehicle and analyze the result remotely in a support center. A remote diagnostic session can be semi-interactive if the vehicle has a connection to the internet.
  • Workshop diagnostics: Traditional PC based workshop diagnostic applications are completely replaced by executing all diagnostic related functions on the vehicle. The user interface is located on a tablet, mobile phone or wearable. In addition, crucial data can be stored on the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle can be diagnosed when internet connection is not available.

Cloud based diagnostics: The workshop diagnostics can be host on a cloud like Azure or AWS using a D-PDU-API based connection to the vehicle.

Commercial Vehicles

Using our Virtual ECU in the off-highway sector, agricultural machines can be more easily repaired while they are on the field. In case of an error, remote maintenance allows the OEM to know the necessary spare parts before leaving the workshop to fix the machine.

Using our Virtual ECU in the commercial vehicle sector, total cost of ownership can be significantly reduced because the vehicle is easier to repair by using remote diagnostics.

Our modules can easily be integrated into existing vehicle architectures. For start-ups in the automotive sector, using our virtual ECU enables the easier deployment of workshops by increasing maintenance locations.


  • Full OTA Support for flashing and parameterization without changes to existing ECUs following proven workflows
  • Remote diagnostic for roadside and workshop assistance
  • Identical diagnostic content executable for connected and non-connected vehicles
  • Seamless migration from non-connected to connected vehicles

Supported protocols and standards

DSA’s Virtual ECU for Remote and Workshop Diagnostics utilizes existing diagnostic standards like ODX, OTX, MCD 3D and D-PDU-API to protect already existing investments of an OEM into these standards. In addition, the solution scales to different hardware platforms:

  • ECUs (ARM, PowerPC, …) using different operating systems (Adaptive AutoSAR, Linux, QNX, etc.)
  • Smart VCI
  • Regular Windows based laptop

As the same solution can be executed on several hardware platforms the same solution can be used for connected and non-connected vehicles.

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