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PRODIS.Skylyze After-Sales is our analysis platform for the workshop sector. The after-sales solution helps you to keep control of your worldwide workshop network and the condition of your vehicle fleet.

The web-based PRODIS.Skylyze After-Sales uses the feedback data collected by our workshop testers from the PRODIS.Share distribution platform to analyze the vehicle fleet and system usage behavior in the global workshop network. The solution visualizes the data from thousands of testers in the field and visualizes the results in corresponding dashboards.

PRODIS.Skylyze thus provides a thorough overview of the present situation of the vehicles in the field as well as relevant developments over time.

In addition, PRODIS.Skylyze After-Sales offers a self-service analysis component that allows the user to navigate visually and ad-hoc through data from a global view down to the level of individual testers and vehicles.


  • Up-to-date and full information on diagnostic hardware, software and configurations used in the field
  • Improved quality of diagnostic content through analysis of usage behavior
  • Up-to-date and comprehensive analyses of vehicle diagnostic results on the field
  • Observation of field behaviour of individual vehicles and entire fleets
  • Improved response time and feedback for development activities

With its data analysis, specialized pre-built dashboards and powerful ad-hoc analysis capabilities.PRODIS.Skylyze After-Sales provides valuable information for different roles and responsibilities in a company.
Central workshop staff can monitor the hardware and software situation of the diagnostic system in each workshop online. The creators of diagnostic information and processes gain detailed insight into the behavior of diagnostic system usage in the worldwide workshop network. Those responsible for development and vehicle quality are given access to diagnostic results (e.g. DTCs) of individual vehicles and the entire fleet and their development over time.

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