Test Bench Coupling

For a complete evaluation of the vehicle, the measurement results of external test stands (roller testing, filling, hydraulics, brake, tightness etc.) are often required in addition to the vehicle-internal measured values. For a manufacturer to have the diagnostic and test sequence control in his own hands, it is recommended to operate external test systems from a central test system.

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Usually, the central test system controls the test bench functions required for vehicle testing. The coupling between test system and test bench is usually done via WLAN or infrared. Advantage here is that changes on the vehicle with regard to type, equipment, and electric/electronic parameters can be parameterized by the OEM independently, without having to commission all test bench manufacturers.

Via standardized software interfaces such as ASAM GDI (Generic Device Interface) or IDT (Integrated Dynamic Test), test benches of different manufacturers can be uniformly integrated.

The FIRAP2 (Fast Infrared Access Point) is a stationary infrared access for the wireless communication between a mobile test instrument and a stationary test computer. Through its embedded PC the FIRAP2 is able to independently establish the connection with the test device.

For integration into automated production environments, the FIRAP2 has an Ethernet connection via standard interface (10/100Mbit/RJ45). The communication is handled via TCP/IP protocol, where the Ethernet packets are converted to infrared protocol and vice versa. More interfaces are available for the connection of additional components.

The communication standards supported by the PRODIS system enable the simple integration and control of test benches of many manufactures, greatly reducing installation costs.

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