Remote-Controlled Power Supply RCPS3

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The RCPS3 is used as remotely controllable power supply for a test system in production e.g. cockpit / door tester or for complete vehicles with or without installed battery.

Description of the RCPS3

The increased amount of electronics commissioning work in the production line requires a more efficient use of the available space and time. However, it is often not possible to fully optimize the operations due to the lack of electric power in the vehicle.

Whenever diagnostic tests with a Multi-Function Tester MFT or another WLAN operating DSA test device are required, the vehicle under test must be provided with power. A further application is the supply of the vehicle electronics during assembly, when the vehicle's own battery mustn't be loaded.

The RCPS3 is equipped with a WLAN module that can be remotely controlled by the MFT via test sequences. Thus, the voltage and overcurrent threshold for a vehicle can be set individually and the current and total power input can be monitored.

When used in stand-alone mode, the device detects an adaptation on the test object and automatically switches on the power supply. The RCPS3 can thus either replace a not yet installed battery or avoid the current drain from an already installed battery.

Commercial Vehicles

The increased complexity of vehicle electronics in the assembly process requires an incremental commissioning to ensure that the vehicle is correctly mounted before proceeding to the next step.  The RCPS supports the assembly specialist by providing power automatically when needed.

The increasing complexity of the electronics in commercial vehicles require additional test locations with available power.  The RCPS3 enables the operation of these locations.

The high-volume production requires that the electronic commissioning is distributed in the production line, by adding additional locations.  The RCPS3 enables the operation of these locations where the battery is not yet mounted.


  • Easy setup and servicing
  • Simple system integration


Different safety mechanisms protect the user and the device under test: If, for example, the WLAN communication should be interrupted, the supply voltage can be switched on and off independent of the superordinate system via an additional remote control. For an automated test procedure control, the adaptation of the RCPS3 to the test object can also be recognized automatically. In case of a short circuit the over-current protection is automatically activated.

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