Intelligent Current Probe ICP-3

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The Intelligent Current Probe ICP-3 takes over the measurement in an Electric Check Out System (ECOS), which is used in the automotive industry for end-of-line quality assurance.

The ICP-3 measures high-precision current and voltage directly at the vehicle battery, which vary depending on the activated electrical consumers in the vehicle. Valuation against nominal values is executed directly in the device. Therefor the ICP-3 includes a powerful processor which performs the evaluation in no delay.

To measure the vehicle currents, the vehicle circuit does not need to be opened. As a result, data loss and time-consuming learning phases are avoided in the electronic control units.


  • Robust housing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Portable equipment for use-anywhere application
  • Easy to install
  • Contact-free current measurement
  • High-precision accuracy and reproducibility of tests over entire measurement range
  • Various combinations with other DSA system components


  • Integrated LCD for status details
  • Status of the battery charge and the radio connection are updated continuously
  • Mini-USB Interface
  • Mini-USB interface and transport lock switch are hidden behind a service flap


The measuring head of the current probe can be opened easily. When closed, a special locking mechanism prevents opening by the grasped wire harnesses.
Instructions and test results are sent via Bluetooth to other mobile DSA devices like the MFT, or to a stationary computer.

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