Remote Diagnosis and Telematics

Monitoring of transportation fleets to detect defective systems or critical situations saves time and money. Determined real-time monitoring of working machines and commercial vehicles will help to optimize your fleet management.

In the area of transport and logistics, intelligent hardware and software helps to improve driving routes, points to faulty conditions in the tractor or load—all while your transport is moving from A to B. Via a GSM radio connection (for example via UMTS), you are always online via the Internet, you receive important ad hoc parameters and can actively take appropriate action.

DSA provides hardware and software technology platforms for telematics and remote diagnosis independent of the vehicle type and manufacturer. It is also possible to integrate existing standalone solutions. We provide you with a customized solution.

Continuously improve vehicle quality and customer satisfaction by monitoring your complete fleet.  Select the right amount of diagnostics telemetry data and health, both for engineering and operation use cases.

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