Firmware Update over-the-air

If the software version of control units (ECUs) has to be updated (flashing), it is today still necessary that the vehicle is located in the workshop. Here, the vehicle health status and current state are read from the car and then the current software version is programmed. With the Connected Vehicle solution from DSA, updates can be performed at any time outside the workshop.

The software and configuration status of the ECUs is compared with the target state stored in the connected vehicle portal (Internet). If the portal software detects differences, update packages are created. The Connected Vehicle loads these packages into a cache in the vehicle. The vehicle user is then informed can release the available updates.

With firmware updates over-the-air (FOTA) campaigns possibly no longer require expensive workshop recalls and problems can be proactively corrected in the field. More vehicles can be supplied with safety-critical updates or additional comfort enhancements without customers having to bring the vehicle to the workshop.

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