Customer Binding / Software Defined Vehicle

Mass customization is an important concept to adapt the product to specific users. The adaptation of the behavior of the vehicle using software suits the concept of adaptive customization well. Albeit some of these aspects are already covered during the purchase process (e.g. vehicle configuration), much can be gained by providing additional options at additional costs by tapping into the behavior of the driver.

The monitoring of normal communications on the vehicle contains a trove of information regarding the characteristics of the driver. The transmission of the bus monitor logs to a server infrastructure allows to match it against known driver profiles using a Drive Style Analyzer. This information can then be used to drive an offer manager, which can be used in two ways:

  • Provide “Software as a Service”: Customized coding options or calibration data based on the driver behavior. This can be software updates for “Sport Driving”, “Eco Driving”, etc.
  • Provide additional vehicle options, which can be ordered directly in the vehicle and forwarded to the workshop for an appointment.
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